Our Services

Software Development
Think Software, Think IMIT

We take up Rapid Application Development, so that initial results are generated without delay. It also offers many options for prototyping, got many ready-to-use components and hence, boosts the development process. We also engage advanced frameworks to work on advanced web apps with lesser codes and for building fast and scalable applications. IMIT has the expertise to design apps for Android and iOS Mobile platforms, execute designs for Web and IoT apps with finesse and take up assignments on Augmented Reality and E-learning products. Our skill set is ever widening as we keep learning at every step, and also because, we are the best in talent spotting.

Media & Editing suite
Speaking With Visuals

The true magic happens after production is finished. IMIT is proud to offer an excellent digital multimedia facility. Are you an individual, agency, school, college or charity that would like to access our facilities? If you're looking to train in media and editing, then make the most of our new media & editing suite.

Advertising & PR
Bridging The Future

In a constantly shifting digital world, IMIT can always deliver impressive results! We're well-known for our advertising & PR services that are capable of powering fast conversion for brands through today’s complex media landscape. We will ensure the strategy and creativity of your advertising campaigns are relevant & engaging. Our team activates creative campaigns with remarkable tangible results.